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Our Story

Our mission is to create natural plant-based products that activate the endocannabinoid system and heal bodies.

Blair Medical Group SPC was founded in 2019 after almost a decade of collaborative research and clinical work between Dr. Philip Blair and Misty DeWitt. 

Providing Endocannabinoid Health for Everyone

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What makes us different?

We all have health challenges. Each team member at Blair Medical Group has experienced personal health and wellness issues, and we have spent years sharing our own stories and strategies with others who want to discover their best self.


Our team has spent decades researching understanding how the body’s Endocannabinoid System regulates many critical body processes, and how deficiencies or breakdowns in this master system can affect how well our bodies and minds function.

As part of our commitment to empowering people’s health, we believe in providing safe, natural and simple products that allow people to take better care of themselves so they can keep their health up, maintain their own freedom and independence as long as possible, as well as helping care for family, friends and community.

We supply and support individuals, professionals and practitioners by offering premium products that are free of preservatives, toxins, non-healthy product additives.


Our custom formulated product lines and educational resources will complement most healthcare protocols.

Meet the Team

Working With the Best of the Best

Want to get on the cutting edge of holistic health and wellness practices and products?


Contact us to learn more about how we collaborate with healthcare professionals, researchers, patients, and manufacturers from around the world to help create the best possible outcomes and care. Our vision is to make our life-changing products and programs universally accessible, creating a healthier, revitalized world for everyone.

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